Breaking news ENEO Has done it again.

July 11, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Breaking news ENEO Has done it again. A young innocent child of Noraabout 8years by name NORA Died today June 6, 2017 at mile seven(7) Mankon Bamenda Cameroon, due to electric shock. This incident happened due to the very poor services offered by the company offering electricity in Cameroon called eneo.

Sources say the said cable has been lying down for a period of time and people around that area had written numerous reports to the company complaining about that same cable but nothing was done about it. What really bother me is, how could technicians of eneo extern a cable without connectors or without taping it round. From the images, you will see that the innocent child came in contact with the cable at a joint that was not insulated.

If you move around the streets of Bamenda you will see a lot of electric pools that are bad and ready to fall but no one is doing anything about it. I don’t know if eneo cannot manage electricity in Cameroon or it cannot manage it workers. I thing such workers who this type of bad work should be call to other. God Help US.

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